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  1. Yes! this is what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi - Let's say I have two objects Object1 and Object2 in my project. In a model I have one instance of Object1 as Object1_01 and another instance of Object2 as Object2_01. Is there any way I can access the variables values of Object1_01 from Object2_01. I tried to define an ObjectInstanceProperty in Object2 and set it to Object1_01 for Object2_01 instance but its not working. Any ideas that can solve this issue? Thanks Zaki
  3. Thanks Mark. I am reassigning X & Z coordinates in one of my logic but I am not unable to avoid entity collisions.
  4. Hi - I am trying to relocate nodes during run time using Relocate Object step. It works if my nodes are not connected by any links, otherwise it does not. I want my entities to follow a Network Path in Travel step, therefore, it is crucial that my nodes are connected. Any suggestion how I could achieve this? My aim is to avoid collisions when entities travel from one node to other in free space, only way I know to achieve this is through Travel step. Thanks, Zaki
  5. Wow! That looks like a very simple and neat solution to my problem. Thanks a ton! Can you explain the expression in Event Condition. I am assuming ent_Barge is a variable or is it an object?
  6. Thank you Gocken but I am so sorry I can't follow. To search specific entity (entity which arrived first in my case) how can I search the queue associated to wait step? Or do you mean I use storage queues instead of wait step.
  7. Hi there - My entities are going into a wait step based on a condition. So at any point in time I may or may not have multiple entities in the wait step. When I fire an event to release entity from the wait step all the entities which are in the wait step at the time event is fired get released. I don't want that, I want wait to release only one entity every time release event is fired. Any ideas how I can achieve this? Thank you.
  8. Hi! I have so many ModelEntity states defined in my Model and I want to organize this mess. Is there any way I can group them in different categories, just like the categories in user defined processes? Thanks , Zaki
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