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  1. Dear Jeff, I've used the Task sequence directly in the property Processing time of the server. Maybe the reason why the interruption does not function. I'll try your approach by adding the tasks rather from the Definitions windows and see if it works. Thank you for your help ! Flora
  2. Hi, I’m using a Process type: Task sequence in my model at Server 1. I’d like to interrupt the server each 12 hours for 4 hours and resume the entity being processed later. I’ve used a Timer and an Interrupt step which work perfectly only when the Process type is Specific time. Therefore, I tried with a token to obtain the Interruption at the server. I made a process (InterruptServer) doing so but I feel like I’m missing some understanding here. I’ve received an error message as you can see in the small model. Anyone knows how to solve this error? Thank’s Flora InterruptSeverAndEntity-ProcessTypeTaskSequence.spfx
  3. Hello, I have a process Vehicle1_EnteredNode that moves a vehicle and seizes the two workers needed to operate. The two workers work from 8 to 12 and 13 to 17. When they are off the schedule, process AAInterruptCarMove is used to interrupt and release correctly the server and the vehicle. To make the Interrupt process, I’ve checked simbit VehicleStopsWhenServerOffshift. Then, I’ve used process AAInterruptGrutierEtAccrocheur to interrupt and release the two workers. The problem is, the two workers don’t get released. Instead, they go offshiftBusy which I don’t want because while OffshiftBusy, they are considered as being utilized. In that process, I've released the token associated with them but does not work. Any clue for me on how to get them released? I’ve put the model on this link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yZSFbqUlreh1v6oyG5Jy7AYzTrTBbBUS Thank you
  4. Thank you for your reply! But the file does not open. Here is the message displayed. Can you resend it please ? Thank you, Flora
  5. Hello, In my model I’ve made entity arrival mode to be On event and I’ve created an event named CommandeEvent in the Definition ==>event section. In order to action the event, I’ve created a process called ProcessEvent in which I have a decide step followed by a fire step that fire the CommandeEvent if the condition in the Decide step is respected. But when I run the model, the entities are not created. Is there something I should do differently or add ? Thank you, Flora
  6. Hello, I would like to make a server disappear when I finish processing entities with it. Would there be a way I can do this ? Thank you, Flora
  7. Hello, I’m using a monitor to determine the re-order point of a material. The way I put it is that whenever I have actual stock (physical and in transit) that is less than the re-order point, then I make an order. Sometimes, I have to order a quantity that is not enough to fill the actual stock, up to the re-order point. When I get in such situations, the monitor does not trigger a new order because it functions when actual stock decreases and then hits the re-order point. Here are the parameters of the monitor I indicated in the picture below. For example, my actual stock is 50 un. I consume it (25 un) and when it gets under the re-order point which is 32, then I order a quantity (25 un). If the quantity I order (25 un) is enough to fill the actual stock, up to the re-order point, then the system functions fine. But if the quantity I order (5 un for example) is not enough to fill the actual stock, up to the re-order point, then the system stops and orders are no longer made. Is there another way I can make the system functions without having to hit the ore-order point (32 un) in a negative crossing direction? Thank you, Flora, master student at Université Laval.
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