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  1. Thank you Gocken for your solution. Although it almost looks like what we're trying to achieve, the starting point of the 90 minute simulation is two servers (counters) open and when the average queue exceeds 5 minutes another one is opened and once the average queue gets below 2 minutes one of them will close, so a minimum capacity of 2 servers.
  2. Hello Simio team. My group and I are currently working on solutions reguarding queue related issues. We are working on a case where we can implement a loop system similar to the Sim Bit called "Add and remove server capacity", altough we would like relate the opening and closing of capacity based on the maximum queue time (5 minutes = Open another server) and (3 minutes = Closer a server) in the TransferRode instead of the numbers entities in the TransferNodes. We have tried to follow the pdf step by step in the Sim Bit, but we have not been able to get it to work. I hope yo
  3. Hello Simio crew I am currently working with a model relating to queue systems. The model consists of 1 source (with 4 different entity types), linked by a path to a check-in server, which are then split into two TransferNodes (WaitingAreas) by paths untill they can be processed by the servers, before the entities then are leaving the system. My question is: Is it possible to connect a status label or status plot to the TransferNodes to see an average waiting time? I havn't been able to find such a thing. Looking forward for an answer, Mlars11
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