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  1. I had done pretty much everything what you've mentioned here except I dint assign the state variable to the model entity but the model itself. I changed that but still have the same issues. It doesn't read the value from the table.
  2. Okay So this is what I have already done till now. The problem is I want my combiner to understand that the batch quantity is based on the entity type. If type A , Batch quantity =2 , If Type B, Batch Quantity = 4 and for type C , it's 6. I have tried using state assignments option at combiner 1 parent input but to no avail. Ideally, I would want the combiner to take the batch quantity value from the table itself but i cant get my way around it as of now . I know this can be done using add-on process but somehow figured that if I could make this work using a table, it would make it a lot ea
  3. I have created a new reference property for the combiner batch quantity in the combiner logic. Is there any way I can set that same reference property as a column of a data table so that I can change that value based on the type of the entity ?
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