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    Import Objects From Spreadsheet

    Petr, I tried out your updated version, as I had used Glen's original in the past. There is definitely a speed boost with this version. My "test" import file is the 25 X 25 grid attached (625 BasicNode and 1200 Path Objects.) On my old laptop this imports in about 60 seconds. I noticed that the progress bar works great for the Objects sheet, however it does not appear to update when the Links are imported. The progress remains at 0 while the links are imported, though the routine works and I see the dialogue at the end with no errors. The nodes only take about 10 seconds to import and the links constitute the remaining ~ 50 seconds. I tried turning off visibility of the links/arrows, but this made no difference. I haven’t tried vertices yet. Also, note that I had to re-build the add-in in Visual Studio, as I seem to have an issue with adding add-in .dll's from an outside source to my ..\SimioUserExtensions directory. Hopefully I did not break the application in the process. Thank you very much - this is very useful! 25 X 25 Grid Import.xlsx
  2. An idea I’ve mentioned to Simio already, but I’ll post here to see what others think. In some of our models we use Buttons to interact with the model while its running. I’d like to have a way to similarly fire an event with a keyboard shortcut. I think this could have a lot of useful modeling implications for those of us that have “interactive” models (like triggering a process during the run, controlling entity heading in free space with the cursor keys, etc.) I think this would also be a good “accessibility” feature for the non-mouse users.
  3. JWolski

    Import Objects From Spreadsheet

    Thank you! Very useful tool for quickly generating / updating a "large" network model JW