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  1. Hello, firstly a short discription of my problem: I have different assignmeent for different Entity which will take a random time and start after the Entity got processed at Server 1. The assignment can be done during the whole time but has to be paused while the Entity is processed at Server 2. After that the Entity can work on the assignment again. To get processed at Server 3 the Entity needs to be finished with the assignment. To be honest I have no clue on how to even start with this problem and would be very thanksfull for any idea or simbit suggestions?
  2. Thanks very good advice, helped me a lot. I managed to solve the Problem
  3. Hello, I am modeling a store with a few workers and 3 cash desk. Two of them are always open. If the Queue in front of the two cash desk gets to long a 3rd worker is opening the 3rd cash desk. The Problem is: I dont know how to tell the Entities to only chose the 3rd cash desk if it is in use/open. Thanks in advance
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