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  1. Thanks Marco, I've just registered. However I'm a little bit confused on the time. It converts to 3am my local time from 17:00 GMT but the website timer adds up to 7pm. Can you please clarify this?
  2. Is there a way to create a column of Time property without date using Simio Table, just like the start time and end time of day pattern of the work schedules? The work schedule doesn't suit my needs.
  3. Thanks, that's a good trick! I like what the competitor does, you can access to pretty much everything from the tree - if you can see it, then you can get the variable to it; if you can do it by a mouse or keyboard click, then you can do it in the script.
  4. Thanks. Yes, it can be done by set a 0 size. But if we can toggle the external visual by just one click, there should be a variable linked to it. If we can get access to the variable, it would be much easier to just assign a value in a process every time we want to make change.
  5. Same question here. Just wondering if you have any solution yet?
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