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  1. Using process logic it can easily be done yes, but the idea here is to have the functionality without requiring process logic.
  2. Ability to define population count of transporters defined in associated data table (with auto-set table row reference set to true). Currently a model setup as such gives error that it doesn't know which table row to use.
  3. Expose "current symbol index" property in an object definition. This is needed for proper symbol assignment of table instantiated fixed objects.
  4. If timer elements are referenced (or auto generated) in a data table, upon that timer triggering a process, the corresponding process token and/or associated object should have an active reference to the data table row.
  5. Ability to assign a process to be triggered by a timer element in the timer element properties.
  6. mfranklin

    Bind ODBC Problems

    Seems like this issue is still not addressed. Using the workaround suggested to get to the Connection String works fine, but for password protected access and security reasons we would not want to enter the password in this connection string. The file option would be preferred but it's selection box is not active. Can you please fix this ODBC connection type or advise on alternate approach? Thanks, Martin
  7. Please consider updating the trace action statement to include (specifically for Assign steps but others could be considered too) the original state value as well as the new state value. In debugging you constantly need to have a breakpoint to catch the step before new value is assigned. If the current and new value is in the trace it will make this much less painful. Something as follows: Assigning state variable 'XXX' the value '##' from '##'. Thanks!
  8. Please consider including in Simio the ability to Export All tables to CSV, as opposed to currently exporting tables one-by-one. This should include both data and output tables. Sincerely, Martin
  9. Thanks Glenn. We actually used that AverageValue function recently with multiplying the time difference as you mentioned (very valuable!). Adding another function that includes the "Schedule1.AverageValue(fromDateTime, toDateTime)*(toDateTime-fromDateTime)" calculation would make it even more user friendly. Thanks! Martin
  10. Various requests for feature improvements from recent discussions with clients: - Make inactive breakpoints in process window greyed out, similar to facility window inactive breakpoints - Lock Edit capability for symbol or any drawing component inside the symbol editor - Provide a function to report working hours from a schedule given a time range (starting date to ending date defined) - Include access to pivot grid data in Dashboards - Dashboards capability in Experiments - By default expand the General Properties category for objects/steps/processes/etc. Thanks, Martin
  11. I would like to restate the requirement for Simio to improve the software development performance for larger models. Inevitably model development slows to a grind when making updates to models, requiring multiple closing/reopening of models during a day and inefficiency (frustration!). There's been related discussion in various threads and support ticket submission regarding "undo" memory buildup and related causes. Kindly reconsider looking into this as a priority!
  12. mfranklin

    Memory Management

    Dave - Thanks for the response. Maybe we're just building too large models or spending too much time in Simio (or both). Yes closing and opening a model does solve it too, but not ideal. If there is a Applications Settings based option to limit the number of undo steps or undo buffer size control (I'm fine with the default setting being infinite), it would be much appreciated. Safe travels, Martin
  13. mfranklin

    Memory Management

    Any update to share with regards to Simio significantly slowing down when working in a model (closing and reopening fixes it)? Thanks! Martin
  14. mfranklin

    Seize from Storage

    Please allow ability to seize from a storage queue (instead of current limitation for only seizing from list or specific). Alternatively, please consider ability to dynamically add/remove entries from a list during runtime. Thanks! Martin