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  1. Hi Simio Users, I am getting an error in my model that I cannot seem to figure out how to resolve and could use some help. When an item in the kitchen model needs to be fried, there is an inventory table that has a Boolean value for if the task involves frying. When the value is TRUE, it records certain values to a table through a Record process step. In this process step it looks up the Ingredient Row in number format and seems to be having trouble with assigning the new value in the table that it is recording with an element reference value. Any clue of what could be wrong? I am wondering if my data table might be set up incorrectly? Any help is very appreciated. Thanks David
  2. Got it! Thanks Dave, that helped a lot and I figured it out. 1 more question that I have if you or someone might be able to help me understand is in regards to the Responses for Experiments. Are they generally a instance or average response by default? I am trying to get a total run statistic out as a response but it seems to be way lower than expected which is indicating a individual run response or instance. Hope that makes sense. Thoughts? Thanks! David
  3. Hi All, I could use some help with something in Opt Quest which I am just starting to use in my simulation model. I have setup Opt Quest in an experiment, and the controls populated automatically when starting a new experiment. I have selected "No" for all controls that I do not want to change in my experiment as Opt Quest runs through the various scenerios (including the controls that I am about to reference. Where I am having an issue is that two of my controls, the Number of Production Lines & The number of workers, keeps popping back to the default values even after I change them to something else. Am I missing something? Thanks! David
  4. Hi All, Is there a way to assign Table Assignments on Entity Created like is via the properties panel but via process logic? I am still working on learning process logic. Essentially I have different product tables to use data from during different part of the day, so I am trying to have a decide step that say "what time is it when the entity is created" and then assign the right table and subsequent random.row values from that table to the entity. All help appreciated! Thanks! David
  5. Thanks! I actually realized this just before reading your post thank you though!
  6. This is a big help! Thank you! The one thing that I still can't figure out, is that when I create a state, for instance "BatchQuantity" like you did... I can't attach it to an Entity as you did in the drop down menu for the state Variable name. For example: State Variable Name Dropdown reads: "BatchQuantity" Instead of "ModelEntity.BatchQuantity" Am I doing something wrong? David
  7. Dadom09 - would you mind expanding on how you batched them? I have a similar problem that I am working through. Thanks!
  8. Alright - I am going to try to phrase a previous question differently and see if anyone can help because I am still having difficulty with this... In the attached, simplified version of what I am attempting, I have a Parent Entity created. And for every Parent Entity, Math.Round((Random.Uniform(1,4)) number of Member Entities are created. Please help me if possible, to set an expression for the Batch Size that waits for each of the created members and batches them. I have the logic for how they match, but I can't seem to get the Batch Quantity to change based on how many of the Members were created each time. Any help appreciated! BatchingLogic.spfx
  9. Martin - Thank you for the response! I am definitely diving in head first I have figured out how to make the priority properties align but to your point, the Parent Entity won't wait for all Members of that same priority to arrive so as soon as it sees the first, it takes it. Is there a Batch Quantity expression on the Combiner that someone can recommend / or / a combiner property, that will make it wait for the priority to change of the entities in the queue and then take all before that point. or something similar? Thanks! David
  10. MikeKk, Thanks for your quick response! I have attached an overly simple version of what I am attempting to show what it looks like. Those are all good points and I actually had some of them incorporated in my model already such as the rounding of the number of member entities created which was the uniform expression. I am not sure what you mean by the deleting of output buffers but please take a look at the attached and see if this helps explain. Thanks again for your help!! David BatchingHelpModel.spfx
  11. Hello All, I have a single Sources that makes 3 different types of parent entities. When these entities exit their first Server through the transfer node, 3 other Sources randomly create Uniform(1,4) of a New type of member entities. I have changed the priority of the member entities, with a on exit add on process, to be equal to the event number of this happening which matches up with the parent Entities with the same priority. With in the Combiner, I have the matching rule of 'Match Members and Parents' and both Member and Parent expressions of 'Entity.Priority'. I am still pretty new to Simio but can someone please help with why this might not be working?? Both types of Entities just build up in their respective input queues at the combiner and never combine. Please help, thanks! David
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