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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, First time posting here so apologies if I miss any etiquette. I'm working on a model that uses combiners and unbatch processes with two different entity types. Upon unbatching, I want to delay both the parent and member entities simultaneously with a delay time that is dependent upon how many members were recently unbatched. I've tried applying counters that check the batchmember quantity before and after unbatching -- I believe this currently works for the parent entity, but I'm struggling to get it to work for the batch members. It's also worth noting that after being delayed, the batch members would receive a time stamp before being destroyed. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Best, Spencer
  2. The conditional routing by link weight (PackFeed2 - Conveyor22 or Conveyor 23; PackFeed4 - Conveyor26 or Conveyor27) is not working for me. The current file is set to make the decision by initial priority, but I have tried other methods with no success: > Assign ModelEntity.Priority with addon process, then route by link weight of ModelEntity.Priority=="X" > Assign link weight by ModelEntity.EntityType > Assign link weight by ModelEntity.BatchMembers.Contains("X") I think this may not be working because they are arriving as a parent/member batch. Is there a different link weight condition that may work. Please note I have 1 parent type and 2 member types. The decision needs to based off of the member entity. The area of concern is towards the end of the process at the top left of the simio (file attached). APS Design 2.spfx
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