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  1. Does anyone know how to utilize the memberinput@"combiner" in a process? I tried a process "UnitIdentity" with a decision step "MemberInput@PalletLoad==H1BUnit" to set a real state "UnitTypeID" and a ModelEntity.Picture so I can utilize the link weights further downstream. I placed this in the Processing Add-On for the combiner. I have attached the file. It feels so close to a resolution and any help would be appreciated! Best regards, Alex APS Design 2.spfx
  2. Hello, In response to JBeltran: I can figure out how to grab the variable member.priority. If I was able to do that, the rest would be easy I think. I played around with the search function and it didn't seem to work (maybe I am using it wrong?) In response to ATSProThiede: The instance I uploaded was only using the InitialPriority because that was my latest attempt. I had attempted other options that I noted in the OP. Also, you can change the InitialPriority away from 0 in the entity's options. My problem is that only the parent's values are able to be seen. I have no criteria to change the ModelEntity.Priority because the decision needs to be based off of the entity type of the member. The file you attached does not work properly. I turned off the H1BUnits source, so everything should go to packlane1, yet some go to packlane2 or even bypass both to the sink. I have done quite a bit of digging and have found probably 3-4 other feeds that were never answered as member data seems to be difficult to access. Thank you both for the feedback. Please let me know if you have other ideas or I didn't properly test your reply. Best regards, Alex
  3. The conditional routing by link weight (PackFeed2 - Conveyor22 or Conveyor 23; PackFeed4 - Conveyor26 or Conveyor27) is not working for me. The current file is set to make the decision by initial priority, but I have tried other methods with no success: > Assign ModelEntity.Priority with addon process, then route by link weight of ModelEntity.Priority=="X" > Assign link weight by ModelEntity.EntityType > Assign link weight by ModelEntity.BatchMembers.Contains("X") I think this may not be working because they are arriving as a parent/member batch. Is there a different link weight condition that may work. Please note I have 1 parent type and 2 member types. The decision needs to based off of the member entity. The area of concern is towards the end of the process at the top left of the simio (file attached). APS Design 2.spfx
  4. Based on another thread of yours (link), I ended up created a real state variable for my entities per arrival, then created a process to pause and a process to restart based on the population in the system. So far it seems to work. The change you show above only fixed the issue for another 12 hours or so.
  5. I have recreated a system to see theoretical capacities and it has multiple sources (1 parent and 2 different members that I combine). I have turned off balking because that interferes with my unit mix. I have also changed all buffers to a finite number and crossing logic capacities to 1. Even with all of this, I still hit the 2500 max entities and an error pops up. This system should only be able to hold a couple hundred, so I know I don't need to adjust my capacity size. I made the units stop at the 1st server so I could isolate the issue and it appears to be upon creation or in the combiner. My question is, how can I have unit production pause (not stop) when the buffers and capacities are full? I have attached the file for reference. APS Design 2.spfx
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