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  1. Thanks I am glad to know this. Happy Easter for all. Best regards to all the Simio Insider Team. Ahmed Elkherbawy
  2. Hello Judy, Thanks for your modifications, I edited the model with these comments. I have some concerns, first, by applying Standard Dispatching Rule, Is it minimise the processing time of task, and I do not know how to run the simulation by using a new network with vehicles. Best regards Ahmed Elkherbawy
  3. Dear Judy, First of all thanks for your reply. Secondly, I attached to you another version of the model after I made some modifications. It can be seen in the model, I named a new server as Section 1 and added into it two tasks (Unloading and Leveling, they were servers in previous model) each has its resource (vehicle). I used only one entity for the two tasks. Section 1 will have total Quantity by 2031.25m3 (Which means the total amount of material, since a truck will unload this material and a grader will level it on the surface). The total length of this server (Section 1) is 20
  4. Hello, First of all, I am really very thankful for your replying and concerning. I made some changes on my model but there are still some problems: 1. Resources Utilisation have very high percentages!! However I added row for Input@Finish but still NumberDestroyed by Zero!! 2. In case of "AvgQPR1 & 2" meaning the average of all QPRs during runs, how can I identify AvgQPRs by this meaning?! 3. TotalQPRs meaning: as these two activities should repeat for 65 times till their works finish TotalQPRs are their summations (for example TotalQPR = QPR1*65 = 162*65 = 10530 cubic meter
  5. Hello everyone, I made a simple model for road project (only 4 activities each has a vehicle as resource); with reference to Simio example: Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling, as can be seen in the attached file. However, I have some illogical results, first of these results in case of activities utilizations there values are near to 100% as there expressions are: Vehicle.Capacity.ScheduledUtilization. Second, Throughput and Stability values are by zero due to NumberDestroyed are by zero while I made Destroyable (which is in Population for Model Entity) as True. Thanks in adva
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