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  1. Thanks I am glad to know this. Happy Easter for all. Best regards to all the Simio Insider Team. Ahmed Elkherbawy
  2. Hello Judy, Thanks for your modifications, I edited the model with these comments. I have some concerns, first, by applying Standard Dispatching Rule, Is it minimise the processing time of task, and I do not know how to run the simulation by using a new network with vehicles. Best regards Ahmed Elkherbawy
  3. Dear Judy, First of all thanks for your reply. Secondly, I attached to you another version of the model after I made some modifications. It can be seen in the model, I named a new server as Section 1 and added into it two tasks (Unloading and Leveling, they were servers in previous model) each has its resource (vehicle). I used only one entity for the two tasks. Section 1 will have total Quantity by 2031.25m3 (Which means the total amount of material, since a truck will unload this material and a grader will level it on the surface). The total length of this server (Section 1) is 200 meters as in real life. For the first resource "Aggregate Tipper Truck", its total number is NumAggTr = 20, its rate per hour is named as QSTTRate (has random value), its total number of trips to finish works is TTS = 113 and quantity in each trip is named as QSTT (has also random value). While for the other resource "Grader", its total number is NumGr = 2, its rate per hour is named as QSTGRate (has random value), its total number of trips to finish works is GTS = 32 and quantity in each trip is named as QSTG (has also random value). Since the previous expressions will increase with acceleration, so I inserted Level With Acceleration for each of them to be used as state variable into Finish (Sink). Finally, PPCQSTT and PPCQSTG are the productivity of each task. I have 5 inquiries and they are: 1- Why the resources did not make the appropriate distance travelling? For example, the number of "Aggregate Tipper Truck" is 20 and total number of trips are 113 so each should make about 6 trips (113/20), since the length of Section 1 is 200 meters, then each should make 1200 meters (200*6). 2- In table which named "Sub-Activity Schedule", if I change the value under "Scheduled Finish Date" column the value under Actual Finish Date will change. Why this occurred and why "Status" never be "Ahead" or "On Time"? 3- How can I calculate the values of PPCQSTT and PPCQSTG Daily or Weekly? 4- If I want to identify constraints into each task, how can I do that? 5- How can I apply the concept of Look-Ahead Planning (Daily or Weekly), to remove the added constraints? Thank you again Best regards, Ahmed Elkherbawy Model 1.spfx
  4. Hello, First of all, I am really very thankful for your replying and concerning. I made some changes on my model but there are still some problems: 1. Resources Utilisation have very high percentages!! However I added row for Input@Finish but still NumberDestroyed by Zero!! 2. In case of "AvgQPR1 & 2" meaning the average of all QPRs during runs, how can I identify AvgQPRs by this meaning?! 3. TotalQPRs meaning: as these two activities should repeat for 65 times till their works finish TotalQPRs are their summations (for example TotalQPR = QPR1*65 = 162*65 = 10530 cubic meter); how can I make this rule. 4. Finally, the percentage of throughput is very low, how can I show this percentage in more realistic?! Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks again. All the best, Ahmed Elkherbawy Model 1b.spfx
  5. Hello everyone, I made a simple model for road project (only 4 activities each has a vehicle as resource); with reference to Simio example: Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling, as can be seen in the attached file. However, I have some illogical results, first of these results in case of activities utilizations there values are near to 100% as there expressions are: Vehicle.Capacity.ScheduledUtilization. Second, Throughput and Stability values are by zero due to NumberDestroyed are by zero while I made Destroyable (which is in Population for Model Entity) as True. Thanks in advance, Ahmed Elkherbawy Model 1.spfx
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