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  1. Hi, I created a new simulation and I need a warm up time for my factory. My factory starts to work as it is after 1 hour and I want to make all the statistics 0 at that time to start taking statistics correctly. In all the simulation tools we can make some time as warm up so that the simulation wont take into consideration that time into account while it is calculating the statistics. How can i do that ? Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, I am having another trouble right now. It is about a combiner. I have a line which I have to combine 3 parts. One is parent but the other 2 must be member. It is the normal procedure. But the tricky part starts. Since one of my line is really slow the other must wait for the other part to come. But it is just taking the which two comes first. I tried to make it with matching rule but I couldn't find a way. The way I tried was if I can make the priorities of the coming entities like 1-2-1-2 for the first entity and for the secound again 1-2-1-2 then I can say to the matching
  3. Hi there, Does simio have any tool that we can find the distribution of our data?
  4. Does someone know how to create a changeover matrix property?
  5. newworkstation.spfx Hi everyone, I am trying to change my workstation so that I can add as many processes as I want to the secondary resources section also so that while my machine is for example extruding a part and if I require a worker at the extruding part only ( not setup, processing etc. ) I want to choose it from there so the object will know when to call a worker. I am attaching my first try but also here I could'nt make it work with the times too. And I made almost everything same with processing part so it must work . I am attaching it so that maybe you can tell me what is my p
  6. No I am a simio insider but still I could not attach any files...
  7. Hi again, I did some changes from the workstation. I am going to attach it but still I have problems. It does not make any processing now and also I want to change also some of the inherited tables but I can not touch them. For example in the secondary resources I have to change the tables. Ok I couldnt attach it. =)) How can I attach it first
  8. Hi Again, Thanks for the reply I will try to do it but I must ask something too... Do you have any suggestions so that I can use a worker in the main model also in the subclass model. Like I am building a model and I have a subclass or I have another model and I take thiss model to my main model and I have to use workers at some phases .Since it is a subclass/another model I can not use a worker from my main model in the subclassed/ another model. How can I do that? To make the things clear lets give another example, I want to build a factory. And I am subclassing/modelling my machine fir
  9. Hi, I am building a model and I need to use a worker. But here's the hard part starts. First of all I want to add 2 new processes like taking the item on the workstation and taking it down. So that my new workstation must have 5 processes including setup process and teardown times. So that when I choose the secondary resouce as worker I must be able to choose also my new 2 steps that I'm going to add. I looked to the example of adding a new object which has a delay property but still I could'nt find a way to do this. Thanks
  10. How can I use this library? I created a project and I want to use a crane. But do I have to look to the example and built my own crane or somehow can I copy this crane from this project to my project? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am creating a new model while I was creating my processes I realized that I need to give Process Times within the processes. I used an assign module but I couldn't assigned process time to an object... Is there anyway to give process times from processes window? Thanks
  12. Hi, As I mentioned at the last question I tried make a model in order to make the rps. I need to create a model according to the RPS example that is in the Simio itself. But there is only 1 problem and we know where our products will go to. But what if I have 2 different cuts in the rps example and also what if I have 2 different weld stations in the example an our product can go which ever it want then it has to move to its own way. How can I create a table saying that My order can go to both cuts but if it goes to cut one then it must have this direction and saying that which statio
  13. I want to create a sequence table with multiple options in it. For example I want to send an item with respect to a sequence but while I am making it there is a job where can be done in 3 different places so I want it to choose which is empty and go there ? Do I have any possibility to make it with a sequence table? Since I must put it in a sequence table while making the Rps example? In the RPS example I was sending them just 1 places but imagine there are 3 cut stations... Thanks
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