Rapid Block Cave Simulation Using Data Driven Modelling Technology

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Recorded: November 5, 2020 - 10:00 AM ET (3:00 PM UTC)


Topic: Rapid Block Cave Simulation Using Data Driven Modelling Technology

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A detailed simulation model of an underground mine operation can prove to be extremely valuable, but the development may present pitfalls with regards to complex and timeous model development. In this paper we will showcase innovative work where new simulation modelling technology was leveraged to rapidly develop a detailed, on scale model of an underground block cave operation, to provide the client with the capability to accurately perform production planning and scenario analysis.

The simulation technology enabled the development of a complex mine operation of multiple caves with different mining and equipment dispatch methods. Traditionally such a model would have taken approximately four to six weeks to develop. The adoption of the new technology and modelling approach enabled the development of the entire model, inclusive of the material handling system to surface, within two weeks. The “data driven” approach involved mine plan data and drawpoint coordinates that were transformed into a digitized, numerical mapping of the mine layout. This data, in conjunction with a new capability of a market leading simulation software, was utilized to “automatically build the entire mine layout, inclusive of travel networks, in minutes.

The rapid modelling allowed the solution partners and client to spend more time on evaluating model results and experimenting with various scenarios, which enabled them to:

  • Test probability of future production achievement for future mine plans
    • Perform accurate production planning
  • Understand the impact of different dispatch methods
  • Test the impact of changes in certain operational parameters
    • Material handling capacity
    • Bin sizes
    • Primary equipment configuration
  • Identify and stabilize variation in the system that is causing bottlenecks
  • Determine how to increase production and create more capacity in system

Digital transformation in mining, in combination with such simulation technology advancements (designed for Industry 4.0 applications), will allow for true data driven modelling in mining. This will empower mining entities significantly by rapidly generating models, performing analytics and gaining valuable insights. The outcomes will increase ROI on simulation studies and support informed decision making, leading to cost reductions or increased profits.

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