Redefining your Business Planning Strategy: A Simio Webinar

What to Expect

How do you plan for today and the future in a time of uncertainties? Do you simply wait out the pandemic, or apply analytics to develop workable strategies that keep your business functional? This Simio webinar will share insights using an infectious disease sample model that will allow you to see how you can apply simulation to evaluate different response scenarios for your business. The webinar will give a glimpse into simulation and how it can be used to predict outcomes based on your available options. It will also showcase the importance of simulation modeling in providing insight for capacity planning and predictive analytics during a pandemic and a post-pandemic scenario.

Webinar Details:

Recorded: May 7, 2020

Speaker: Adam Sneath, Application Engineer at Simio

What to Expect:

This Simio webinar is for anyone interested in learning about the application of simulation in dealing with the uncertainties in business planning caused by COVID-19. Therefore, it is appropriate for anyone due to the reach of the pandemic and the shutdown which has affected every sphere of our lives.

Stakeholders, managers, and decision-makers will learn valuable lessons on advanced planning and resource management using Simio as an analytical tool. The webinar will also help employees across every industry understand why certain decisions are been taken and the importance of resource management.

The insight gained from the model can serve as the foundation you need to aggressively seek the resources needed to provide adequate care for patients while keeping hospital staff safe.

Simulation Use Cases – We will also introduce the Simio software simulation capabilities at the webinar. Regardless of your industry, you will learn how to apply simulation to enhance daily operations and manage complex processes.

Simulation Modeling – The features of Simio, such as its 3D modeling and animation abilities, will be discussed during the webinar. You will also be introduced to the importance of 3D visualization and how these make simulations more relatable to both a technical and non-technical audience.

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About the Presenter

Adam is an application engineer and is responsible for the application of Simio in diverse areas. This includes statistical analytics, data collection, process mapping, and simulation modeling. Before joining Simio, he served as a Nuclear Physics Researcher at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). He is an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering and Duquesne University where he got a BS in Industrial engineering and a BA Physics respectively. He specialized in Health Systems Engineering Concentration and was the Commencement Speaker and Valedictorian for the University of Pittsburgh Engineering Class of 2019. His hobbies include outdoor adventuring and rock-climbing. (His penchant for heights has seen him grow from an intern to an application engineer at Simio LLC.)

Adam Sneath

Simio Sync 2020: A Virtual Experience

Each year, we look forward to hosting our customers, partners, and colleagues across the world at Simio Sync to talk about the future of Simio, digital technologies, share case studies and unveil enhancements to our product. As you know, in light of the situation around Covid-19, we made the decision to cancel this year’s inperson event. While we’re disappointed that we will not be together, we are excited to launch a webinar series. A selection of this years' presenters are able to share their projects virtually with us through this series.

We should have the full agenda in a few weeks. If you are interested in presenting a Simio project, please contact Eric Howard


2020 Simio Sync