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Simio Sync Digital Transformation
September 28 - 30, 2021 Free Virtual Conference

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Keynote Speakers

Manuel Pereira Remelhe - Principal Expert Process Simulation at Bayer

Topic: The Journey to Smart Manufacturing at Bayer

Bayer has been using holistic discrete-event simulation models of complex manufacturing environments, also known as “Virtual Factories”, for more than a decade. As a result of various internal strategic programs, these Virtual Factories have created tremendous business value through more than 50 successful projects (from Bayer Crop Science to Bayer Pharmaceuticals). Operationalizing these Virtual Factories by connecting to enterprise data systems in order to create Digital Twins, is a key technology to unlock the value of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 at Bayer. A real example of a Simio Digital Twin in action at Bayer Consumer Health will be shown in a separate presentation by Pietro Bertuzzi. This presentation will discuss the organizational setup at Bayer, the current scope of applications, recent steps towards Smart Manufacturing including the Simio Digital Twin, and future initiatives to implement a seamless model lifecycle from design to digital operations, as well as the interconnection to a digital supply chain twin.


As Bayer’s Principal Expert for Process Simulation, Manuel is responsible for strategy and innovation regarding holistic process simulation and advanced process analytics. His work strengthens Bayer’s cost and technology leadership and supports Bayer’s ambitious sustainability goals. Among other topics, he is concerned with Virtual Factories and Digital Twins, and their interface with the Supply Chain level. He also considers the product and plant lifecycle from early process development to plant design and engineering till operations. Manuel is in the corporate function Engineering & Technology at Bayer’s headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany. He joined Bayer in 2006 and he received his “Diplom Ingenieur” in chemical engineering from the University Dortmund, Germany.



Sachin Lulla - Principal, Advisory Global Digital Transformation and IoT Leader at EY

Topic: The Pandemic Push: Digital Transformation Takes On A New Sense Of Urgency

COVID-19 has made digital transformation an imperative, exposing the traditional value levers of scope, scale and efficiency as no longer relevant to compete in the manufacturing sector. An HBR study found companies spent $1.3T dollars on Digital Transformation, and $900B of that was wasted due to pilots that did not scale. So what differentiates the leaders from the laggards?

As one of the keynote speakers for the 2021 Simio Sync, Sachin Lulla, EY Americas Consulting Sector Leader for Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, will share his point of view on how Advanced Manufacturing companies can accelerate their Digital Transformation journeys.

Listen to Sachin’s keynote presentation and learn about:

  • How the pandemic has accelerated the need for transformation and what are the key drivers
  • Why do most Digital Transformations in Manufacturing fail?
  • How do you build a bridge from Now to the Next and Beyond


Sachin is a Partner in EY’s Consulting business and lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and two sons. He is currently responsible for leading EY’s Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Consulting business in the Americas. Prior to this role, Sachin served as the Global Digital Transformation and Internet of Things (IoT) leader for AM&M. In his role, Sachin has served Manufacturing and Mobility clients for over twenty years leading global business and digital transformations that span production innovation, customer experience, and supply chain. Prior to EY. Sachin established IBM’s Internet of Things business, and led the Automotive sector with a big focus on Digital Transformation.

Sachin is one of the top digital influencers to follow and has also been a keynote speaker at multiple major conferences around the world including CES, IAA, Automotive News World Congress (ANWC), Center for Automotive Research (CARS) Conference, Consumer Telematics Show, TU Automotive, and Stanford University.



9.00 am ET

Welcome - Simio

speaker: C. Dennis Pegden, PhD, CEO

9.10 am ET


topic: The Pandemic Push: Digital Transformation Takes On A New Sense Of Urgency

Keynote speaker: Sachin Lulla, EY Americas Consulting Sector Leader for Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility

10.00 am ET

Johnson & Johnson

Topic: Staying Ahead of Next Crisis: Continuous Wargaming

Speaker: Vishal A. Varma, PhD, Director, Digital & Data Science

Speaker: Hanzhang (Sally) Liu, Senior Data Scientist, Digital & Data Science

11.00 am ET

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Topic: Discrete Event Simulation with Simio at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Growth and Challenges

Speaker: Scott Swann, Modeling and Simulation Lead

12.00 pm ET

Minopex | Simulation Engineering Technologies

Topic: Leveraging Processing Plant Digital Twin to Maximize ROI

Speaker: Johan Oelofse, Principal Engineer Advisory at Minopex

Speaker: Willem Daling Executive Director of Operations, Simulation Engineering Technologies

1.00 pm ET


What is a Simio event without networking? We have dedicated time for you to interact with other attendees during the show! You can “walk” around the room with your mouse and connect with people that have similar interest. You are also able to talk with others via your webcam! Unlike prior Simio networking events, you have to bring your own beverage to this one!

9.00 am ET


topic: The Journey to Smart Manufacturing at Bayer

Keynote Speaker: Manuel Pereira Remelhe, Principal Expert Process Simulation

10.00 am ET


Topic: Digital Twin for Production Scheduling in the Consumer Health Industry

Speaker: Pietro Bertuzzi, Supply Chain Digital Twin Engineer

11.00 am ET


Topic: Digital Transformation: Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Speaker: Ken Buxton, Principal Director

Speaker: Roman Buil Giné, Data Science Senior Manager

12.00 pm ET

B&R Industrial Automation

Topic: Deploying Digital Twins to Design and Operate Flexible Automated Manufacturing Systems

Speaker: Martin Larsen, Head of Nordic Business Development

1.00 pm ET

Northrop Grumman Space Systems

Topic: Simio Model Implementation for Space Manufacturing Scheduling & Capacity Planning

Speaker: Eliza Sheppard, Industrial Engineer

8.45 am ET

Simio Software Solution Overview

topic: Design to Operate, The Digital Transformation Journey with Simio

speaker: Renee Thiesing, VP Products

9.45 am ET

Roundtable Discussion

topic: Real-world Perspectives on Undertaking a Digital Transformation Journey and Implementing Digital Twins

Moderator: Tony Innamorato, VP Customer Solutions at Simio

Panelist: Manuel Pereira Remelhe, Principal Expert Process Simulation at Bayer

Panelist: Barbara Barańska, Global Workstream Lead - Production Planning at Colgate-Palmolive

Panelist: Eliza Sheppard, Industrial Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Panelist: Wiktor Pawlica, Integration Systems Leader at Colgate-Palmolive

Panelist: Pietro Bertuzzi, Supply Chain Digital Twin Engineer at Bayer

11.00 am ET

Northeastern University

Topic: Simulation-Optimization of Digital Twin

Speaker: Mohammad Dehghani, PhD, Associate Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

11.30 am ET

Penn State University

Topic:May 2021 Student Competition Winners

Speaker: Justin Rist, Graduate Student

Speaker: Rob Newton, PhD Student

12.00 pm ET

Closing - Simio

speaker: C. Dennis Pegden, PhD, CEO

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event overview

4th Annual Simio Sync

Simio is excited for the 2021 Simio Sync free virtual meeting on September 28th - 30th. To celebrate the 4th Simio Sync, we are excited to announce this year's theme: Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation spans all industries and is the evolution of business, processes, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies including Simio's simulation and scheduling capabilities.

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