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Response Calculations


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I am running some experiments on my model. I have a couple of transporters delivering fuel to three server nodes. I am trying to have the model maintain adequate fuel levels at the servers despite disruptions. Currently I have 4 responses (1 for each server and 1 that sums their fuel levels) and the responses are based on the expressions: 




and FuelTotal: Input@LineCompany1.AssociatedStationLoad + Input@LineCompany2.AssociatedStationLoad + Input@LineCompany3.AssociatedStationLoad

I get responses as such: 


with the ACoFuel, BCoFuel, and CCoFuel ranging between 0 and 2 and FuelTotal ranging from 0 to 3. The capacities of these server nodes are 0 to 12 and everything is handled in integers. I am confused on how these responses are being calculated and any light that could be shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

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That is what I thought. However, my results are not making any sense. I see the following:


Logically, adding 5 hours of travel time via an interdiction should lower the responses (at the very least the FuelTotal) however, this is not the case. Just as a quick test I changed the interdictions to negatives and received more logical results. However, when I view individual runs of each of these cases, the opposite of these results is what I receive: Fuel levels plummet and reach 0 multiple times during the scenario since the transports can't keep up (w/ 5hr interdiction) or the transports 'teleport' to the ACo node since there is a -5hr interdiction and therefore the transports are always able to keep the servers at high fuel levels.

I must be missing something here.

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