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  1. Hi Katie, Thank you very much for your help. The first solution you offered perfectly meets my requirements. Have a good day and tank you. Greetings, Armin
  2. Hi David, I have the same problem, but sadly I cannot solve it with your explanation. I set the node on "by link weight" and also clicker on "any". Where can I change the selection rule to sever availability or do I have to create an own process for that decision. I am looking forward to your answer and thank you very much in advance. Greetings from Hamburg, Armin R.
  3. Dear all, I am currently simulating a 3D printing facility in the frame of my Bachelorthesis and I have a specific problem which I cannot solve by myself. I have four Entity types with different lead times which are specified in a datatable as shown in one of the SimBit solutions. However, I need to batch the entities before they arrive in the workstation to simulate that several parts are processed within one 3D printing build job. The problem is that the workstation only calculates the leadtime of the parent entity and not of each individual member. Instead of calculating: 5hr + 4hr + 3hr + 2hr= 14hr for a batch of four entities, the machine only calculates 5hrs. Is there any solution with a search step to explain the workstation that it should define the batch members and then to add the lead time for each of them according to my datatable and to use the sum as processing time? I am really thankful for any help you can provide, so thank you very much in advance! Greetings from Hamburg, Armin R.
  4. Dear all, I have searched for quite a while in the public part of this forum, but I could not find the solution of my problem even though there were some similar issues. I have four servers and a worker who is required as secondary resource for each of them. The worker switches and is doing fine so far. However, for my optimization problem, I need to simulate the amount of workers that are necessary to ensure smooth operations. Therefore, I would like to change the capacity of each server to 2 for 2 workers or to 3 to simulate 3 workers, etc. Sadly, the capacity of the server is not changing in the simulation even though the data are entered. Is there a solution to increase the capacity of servers with a worker as secondary resource so that always several entities are processed when the simulated worker arrives? Thank you very much for your support. Greetings from Hamburg, Armin
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