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  1. Is there any way I can define a maximun waiting time in a queue? So, if the time waiting for an entity is bigger than the setted one, a message of error or collapse appears. Thanks!
  2. How can I create a Baggage Claim in a model? I've tried with a server where all passangers have to wait to the baggage, but i don't know if it is better to build a source or something like that thanks!
  3. With several servers, entities only wait in one queue, while the rest of them are empty. How can I settle it to make them go to the emptiest ones? I thought it was by changing the outbound link rule of the output node from "shortest path" to "by link weight" but it's still not working. Thanks!
  4. How can I creat a waiting area, where all entities will wait until they're processed? For example, in an airport terminal, after the secutiry control, they have to wait until the plane is ready to board And is there any way to set a maximun wite time in that area? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much, that was exactly what I needed!
  6. I have created a Customer Data with different types of Model Entitites, defining the mix on each one of them. Once the model is running, a message appears saying "The maximun number in system limit for objects of [name of the model] has been exceeded. A possible cause is that the Maximun Number In System has too small of a value". However, I haven´t set any kind of property for the object. Does anyone know how can I solve this? Thank you!
  7. Hello, does anyone know how can I instert an AutoCad file? I've found a way to insert it as a picture, but I want to insert it so Simio can recognise the walls of the building (airport terminal). Is it even possible? Thanks!
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