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  1. Thanks very much to both of you. That was really simple, but I couldn't have found it on my own...
  2. Hi. I was wondering, is there a way to delete unused symbols that still appear in the Navigation window? For the model I'm working on, I went through different specifications (from the client) about animation, which made me import a several amount of 3D symbols that I'm not currently using in the final version of the model. This resulted in -I havent' count them- like forty or fifty symbols I've imported but are not used in the model now. I am not sure about this, but one can figure that these symbols are somehow stored in the model's file, although I'm not using them. Currently, the file is a bit larger than what I had expected, and it's taking it a bit too long to load when I open it. Since this has not happened to me with other Simio files that contained rather big models, I think it may have something to do with the unused symbols. (Sorry if this matter was treated in another thread. I've looked around but couldn't find it.)
  3. dpaz

    Networks inside objects

    Thanks very much for the reply. I did that (I assigned the entity destination from inside my new object) and the entity traveled to the output node... I'm not sure if this is what I need, since I'd like to be able to do it from outside, but I'll try to see if I can work around this...
  4. dpaz

    Networks inside objects

    Hi. I have been working on a new library, and I was aiming to create an object that would have a collection of nodes and links "inside" it. Two of the nodes are asocciated as input and output node. There are no processes, servers nor any other objects in it. I then place this new object in a new model. I place a source and connect its output node to the new object's input node, and select the new object's output node as the entity's destination. As I run the model, since the network inside the new object has no special features (just plain Transfer Nodes connected by Paths) I would expect the entity to follow a path towards the object's output node. But it doesn't. It enters the network inside the object and kind of roam around... Am I expecting or doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  5. dpaz


    Should we expect an improvement in this matter any time soon? I was just looking for a solution for the same problem and I came across this thread... Would it be possible to add this kind of behaviour coding new routines and steps? I might try to get into something like that, but only if this kind of feature (smart shapes) is far ahead... Thanks!
  6. That does it! Oh so thank you very much...
  7. Hi. I'm having a tiny problem, I would say, but I can't figure it out. I'm searching through a Node List for a Node, the Search Step finds it, and now I need to Move a Vehicle to that Node. I thought this would be easy: just add a Seize Step (with a Request Move) to the Found exit of the Search Step. The problem is that I cannot find a simple way to refference the Node in the Request Move's 'Destination Node'. I find this frustrating since the token leaving the Found exit is associated with the Node... If I leave 'Destination Node' empty, it shows me this error: Error initiating resource move request on behalf of owner 'P11' [P11 is the name of the found Node]. The node destination location was defaulted to the current location of object 'P11', but that object is not a node. Thanks very much in advance.
  8. dpaz

    Relationship between objects

    ASagan, thanks so much for your reply. This is going to be very helpful. Best regards, Pablo
  9. dpaz

    Relationship between objects

    Dan, Thanks very much for your answer. It is a good solution for some applications, but actually it's not exactly what I was expecting. Following your example, I would like the property ThingToMonitor to be set to "ModelEntity[1]" (to reference the instance) and then somehow be able to refer to the Heading function inside a process of MyVehicle. In that way I wouldn't have to reference each State of the Entity and assign it to different MyVehicle's (and different MyVehicle objects') Properties. Would that be possible? Sorry if I'm just getting greedy. Thanks very much.
  10. Hi. I have subclassed* the Vehicle Object of the Standard Library and I'm trying to add some processes to it, some intelligence of its own. The question I'd like to ask is if it is possible to refference/access variables from other objects from the new vehicle's processes. For example, I would like Vehicle1 to be able to check (in a new process of its own) the destination of Vehicle2, or its speed, or its current position. Thanks very much in advance, Pablo * I'm not sure if that's a verb...
  11. Hi. I was finishing a small model yesterday and I wanted to show some stats "live", i.e. during the execution of a model. The main thing I wanted to show was the utilization of a resource. I thought I would just add a status label and find the right expression and that would be it, but the problem was that I couldn't find the right expression... I was looking for something like a DStat in Arena, a time-persistent stat that I could show during execution rather than running the model and getting the resource occupation from the final report. Is this possible in Simio? Thanks very much in advance, Pablo Racca
  12. Hi. Someone in the company has just asked me if we can do license borrowing with Simio. I couldn't answer.. is this possible? Thanks in advance! Pablo Racca Paragontech Logsis SRL
  13. dpaz


    Sorry if this matter has already been discussed but, Is it possible to write into an Excel file during the execution of a model? Or is it just possible to write in a .cvs format for now? I'm sorry if this has been already clarified, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks, Pablo Racca Paragontech LOGSIS SRL
  14. W have solved that problem in ARENA. Now we need more information about vehile colissions, and vehicle variables in order to design a solution.
  15. We have developed examples for raw material and containers. Some examples at: http://www.logsis.com.ar/simio.php