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  1. That does it! Oh so thank you very much...
  2. Hi. I'm having a tiny problem, I would say, but I can't figure it out. I'm searching through a Node List for a Node, the Search Step finds it, and now I need to Move a Vehicle to that Node. I thought this would be easy: just add a Seize Step (with a Request Move) to the Found exit of the Search Step. The problem is that I cannot find a simple way to refference the Node in the Request Move's 'Destination Node'. I find this frustrating since the token leaving the Found exit is associated with the Node... If I leave 'Destination Node' empty, it shows me this error: Error initiating resource move request on behalf of owner 'P11' [P11 is the name of the found Node]. The node destination location was defaulted to the current location of object 'P11', but that object is not a node. Thanks very much in advance.
  3. Hi. Someone in the company has just asked me if we can do license borrowing with Simio. I couldn't answer.. is this possible? Thanks in advance! Pablo Racca Paragontech Logsis SRL
  4. I am trying to model the same. But I can´t understan how to represent a variable, there are many definitions like states, rates, that I can´t undertand how works. I have created a process loop updating tank level each hour, but I don´t know how to represent the variable
  5. What is the difference between "properties" and "states" in order to represent atributes like Ship Load, or Ship Capacity? How can I update and view entiy´s value in a dashboard?
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