Rapid Modeling Solutions: Introduction to Simulation and Simio

Rapid Modeling Solutions: Introduction to Simulation and Simio

Often management is the art of making strategic and tactical decisions with a total lack of objective information. How often do we wish for a crystal ball that would let us see how decisions today will play out in the future? Unfortunately it is not yet possible to predict the future, but it is possible to generate objective criteria to help make today's decisions.

While simulation has been around for decades, recent advances have made it much more accessible and useful in our daily world. The software is now less expensive and easier to learn and use. And the flexibility and accuracy have dramatically improved. But most important, modern tools allow you to solve problems much faster than ever before – making those solutions timelier and less costly, and letting you reap the benefits quickly.

We invite you to learn about simulation and its potential to improve your business. Then perhaps use this book as a companion to the free software download to start building models on your first day. After completing this introduction, you can continue your learning by taking advantage of the free video training available on the Simio web site or via the Support ribbon on the downloaded software.

This 130 page book introduces the concepts of simulation and how to be sucessful with it, then walks through the basics of Simio and some sample models. We encourage you to read this as you start modeling. This book may be suitable for use as a textbook supplement for short courses and courses that are part of a larger, more general course. This is complimented by a seven-part video series, hosted by Simio Vice President of Operations David Sturrock.

This book is available in three formats. We recommend the premium full-color printed book available direct from the publisher. There is also an economy black and white printed book available direct from the publisher. (Both of these books may also be found on Amazon or ordered through bookstores worldwide.) Or finally in exchange for completing your contact information below, we will provide immediate access to a pdf version of the book.