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  1. Hello, My model has 157 control variables now and it turns out I need about 300 runs per experiment and is at over 90MB. I can leave my experiments to run over lunch or if I’m away from my desk, but what becomes cumbersome is when I have to make a change to my object class, but my computer doesn’t respond when I click on a node, path, station, etc. in the facility window to make a change. So then I have to remove all my objects from the main model and make my changes to the object. When I do this, then I lose all my experiment settings (Set Referenced Property). Also, there is the issue that when I change the physical screening line in the facility window, then if that object is still in the main model, it gets resized. So then I have to remove the object from the main model and drag a new one in, which also makes me lose all my experiment settings. I find that making changes to my model and resetting the experiments is not efficient. Is there anything I can do to avoid all this extra work or is this just part of Simio? I have 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core processor at 3.10GHz. I'm running Simio version 7.114.1171. I’m due for an upgrade anyway, but don’t actually think I would gain anything compared to what I have with my model now. Thanks. Maryam
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was able to resolve my issue my using a Execute step with the Advanced Option's Token Wait Action set to None (Continue) instead of the default. Thanks to my great Simio coach Bailey Kluczny from Strongside who offered the simple solution.
  3. Hello, I have an entity traveling on a timepath between 2 nodes. While traveling on this timepath, I would like the entity to undergo a process. I assumed I would be able to invoke an Activity Element based on the mouse-over description, but I am unable to find info via SimBits or on the discussion forum on the Activity element and StartActivity and EndActivity steps which I think will be useful for me. I am running version 7.114.11717 and plan on upgrading shortly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Can I control the “externally visible” option through a process or something similar? I have a model similar to the Facility Model Within Model simbit where I have an object with a bunch of processes. In my main model, I have a Boolean for a resource in the object. If the Boolean variable is set to true, a resource gets used and changes colour based on the action. But if this Boolean is set to false, then I don’t want that resource to be visible in my main model. I’m running version 7.114.11717. I can upgrade if needed. I saw the 2012 post entitled "Ability to toggle externally visible during run-time," but I couldn't get mine to work. Thanks. Maryam M.
  5. Hello, I am creating a chart in my dashboard, but would like the y-axis to be fixed at 170 as the maximum. I need this since I run the model 3 different times in interactive mode with a change to the model each time and would like show the outcomes in a table. The difference in results in hard to see if the scales are different for each run. Thx.
  6. Hi, Is Simio able to do a ticker tape? This would show up in the interactive view of my model. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I would like to do something similar to the AddAndRemoveServerCapacity SimBit and an earlier post entitled "opening servers in a specific order and outputting stats" where servers become available if there are a number of entities waiting in a queue and close when they are no longer needed. The difference is that instead of just a server, I have subclasses (ScreeningLineRsplit and ScreeningLineL). I would like to send my entities to either ScreeningLineRsplit or ScreeningLineL if they are open using the TransferNode, select from list. I set them to be open by creating a state variable called LineOpen_state (true or false) and change the LineOpen_state through an Event in my Process tab. The problem is that my entities are not moving beyond the TransferNode, they just queue up. I believe my issue lies with the Selection Condition that I have entered as: Math.If(Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.Is.ScreeningLineL, Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.ScreeningLineL.LineOpen_state == True, Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.ScreeningLineRsplit.LineOpen_state == True) Thanks in advance for any hints.
  8. I think I may have figured it out with my colleague's help. I failed to mention that I was running an experiment, replicated 10 times, so I believe the extra max and min columns are the infimums (min of mins) and supremums (max of maxs) from all the 10 replicationed runs. Does this make sense?
  9. Hello, When I run an model and filter on the results in the pivot grid I want to see, I end up with more than 1 value for average, minimum, and maximum values. Based on doing some traces while the model is running, I am sure I have identified the correct average, min, and max values (circled in attached figure), but why do have all the extra columns? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I would like to get a confirmation of my understanding on a randomness and seed used to run a model, please. Essentially I want to ensure that running the model many times with a different seed will still output realistic results. When running a model, I notice that if I run it multiple times by hitting play or fast-forward, I get the same results. I assume that the same seed is being used to run the model. My understanding is that if I change the seed, I get a different result. To change the seed, I go to the Run ribbon, Advanced Options, Randomness, and change the replication number. I want to ensure I interpret the mouse-over dialogues correctly. Attached is an image. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks very much. I was able to get it to work.
  12. Doc1.docx I’m having an issue with creating a ParentID state variable. I have an add-on process that when a person is created at the source, bags also get created based on a distribution. This all works well. I got this from a post I put on the Simio forum last year. What I want to do is match my person to bag later on based on a variable ParentID, but no matching happens. I did a trace and see that the bags have a non-zero ParentID, but all the pax have ParentID=0. I assumed that in the Assign step highlighted in the first picture is assigning a ParentID to my person, no? I tried a few things, but get errors in other places. Hints? Thanks.
  13. Thanks. Another related question: am I able to insert an auto rotate into a sequence (I want to to do video capture and lay out the camera sequence). Perhaps I can with a newer Simio upgrade? I am expecting to upgrade shortly; I haven't since I was building a model and wasn't sure if it would be backward compatible with the newest upgrades. I had a model that was built on version 4.61.7665 in Oct 2011 that I was unable to run using newer Simio version. Thanks again.
  14. Hi, is there a hot key to auto rotate? I have version 5.94.10525, 32bit. Thanks.
  15. Does an EasyFit to Simio translation exist? From what I know, EasyFit is working on an export to Simio distributions, but in the meantime I was hoping to find some documentation. Thanks.
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