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  1. Hi I have draw a Conveyor and conntected it to a InputNode of Server. Now I have to change the model and connect the Conveyor to another BasicNode. How can I do this without removing and redrawing the conveyor?
  2. Hi I have created a simple Model. For the ModelEntity I have added a State "Health". This State will be assigned in a OnCreated-Process to a value. After that, I created a StateStatistic-Element for the State "Health". But when I run the simulation, the StateStatistic will not report any values to the PivotGrid in the Results-Tab. When I read the Section "StateStatistic - Discussion and Examples" in the Simio Reference Guide, I think it should report to the Pivot Grid or am I wrong? I have attached my model hoping someone can help me, what I am doing wrong. Model.spfx
  3. Hi I try to enable a Timer-Element with a Button. For this, I have created the Timer, placed the Button which will fire a Event. The Event will run a process with a assign-step which assign true to the Timer.Enabled-State-Property. But it is not working. I have attached my sample-project. I hope someone can help me what is going wrong. Thank you. Model.spfx
  4. Hi Adam Thanks for your reply. I have now determined, that the breakpoint at the assign-step will only take effect, when the assign-step has also a assignment defined Now it is working.
  5. Hi I want to change a state-variable of each entity of a specific type. I am trying to reach this goal by using a search-step in a Process. The process is executed correctly but the search-step is not doing anything. I have set the following values for the search-step: CollectionType: EntityPopulation Entity Type: Besucher Search Type: Forward Match Condition: True Limit: Infinity The goal is that each entity of Type Besucher should flow to the "Found"-Branch where I have created an assign-step for changing the state. But the Step following the "Found"-Branch is never reached and also the Step following the "Original"-Branch is never reached (I have set a breakpoint at thia steps.) I have also attached a screenshot. I hope, someone can help me.
  6. Hi I have created an object and need now a property of type table for this object. The tables which can set for this property should have a defined schema (two columns, the first of type datetime and the second of type real). My question is: Is it possible to pretend the Definition of the Schema for the tables, which can be assigned to my property? Thanks for your help. Thomas
  7. Hi Petr Thank you for your hint. I have no created a subclass of entity and added a station with a queue to the new class. So it can pickup other objects.
  8. Hi I have created a subclass of Entity and named it AgentBase. My new Entitytype AgentBase contains a station and a queue which is showing the content of the station. I have added a process OnCreated which is creating two additional AgentBase-Object and transfer the additional to the station. I have now two problems: - There is only one entity shown in the queue with the contents of the station - instead the two. I want to show all in a line. - The showing entity in the queue have the wrong direction I have added my project where you can see the problems. Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you. Best Regards Thomas AgentLibrary.spfx
  9. Hi I want to modelling the following problem: A source1 is creating Entities which are wander in free space. Another source2 is creating other Entities. This entities acts as firefighters and should be able to pick up other entities which are created from source1. When an entity of source1 has a value of a specified property below a minimal-value (the health) it should be picked up by a firefighter-entity which was created from source2. Can someone give me some hints, how I can modeling the firefighter-entity to pickup other entities? - Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Thomas
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