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  1. I want to calculate the idle time of the worker in different time windows throughout the week. For example I want to get data regarding the idle time of my workers from 7 am to noon and noon to 5 pm in weekdays and 7 am to noon in weekends. Does anyone know how I can get this data and save all the idle times in different time windows?
  2. msalemip

    worker ride

    Great. Thank you for your explanation.
  3. msalemip

    worker ride

    Thank you so much for your reply. But in my Simio, there is no "worker.ridestation.contents" option in Queue State Name. The only available options are: worker.allocationQueue worker.batchmemeber worker.batchmemeber.volume worker.batchmemeber.volume.rate worker.batchmemeber.wight worker.batchmemeber.wight.rate worker.visitrequestqueue
  4. msalemip

    worker ride

    I am not sure how I can search the content of a ridestaton.I do not see this feature in the search step. In general, I wanted to use a decide step and decide whether the ride (entity) on the worker has a specific state variable and based on that change the speed of the worker. But I can not access the ride on the worker. I thought it should be easy but I do not see the option.
  5. msalemip

    worker ride

    Hi I am using a worker as a transporter as well as a service provider at one server. I want to know how I can access the worker ride when the worker is transporting someone. For example assume the worker is transporting one entity on a path, I want to create a process for the worker that enters the path, and get access to the ride of the worker (the entity which is currently riding using the worker). Any help is appreciated. Thanks;
  6. My problem is that the set of workers should do a test on the patients and then clean the room and finish the final paper works. From the simulation, I want to see in what days of the week and what times of the day, the number of workers does not match the demand. (see in what window thought out the week workers are more busy and people experience more waiting time, or workers are less busy). I am thinking to define some states to save the total time which the worker where busy in a specific window. Or save the wait time of each patient in specific time windows. I want to have access to all the saved values at the end. For example if 1700 patients are generated and 500 of them are served in weekends; I want to see the waiting time of all those 500 patients in the weekends. So I am not looking for a single number. I am looking for some specific state values related to each patient or worker. And dependent on the definition of the state (which time frame it is focused on), I will save it in specific time frames. I am not sure how I can do that. Any help is really appreciated.
  7. How I can define a state variable only for the workers. For example if I want to check whether the worker had his lunch break or not. I am creating a dummy entity as lunch and it will call workers based on some schedule. I want to make sure the entity calls some worker which did not have lunch yet. How can I do that? The lunch entity will seize a worker from a list, however there should be a condition that makes sure the worker did not had lunch before. Note that I do not want to model this my setting the lunch hour in the off-shift period. The worker should be on shift and a lunch entity will seize the worker for one hour. There are 5 workers. 3 of them will have lunch from 12 to 1 and 2 of them from 1 to 2. I am creating 3 entities at 12 and 2 at 1. They should seize the workers and make sure they did not have not been seized for lunch before.
  8. msalemip

    row number

    thanks. I defined a state variable and it worked.
  9. msalemip

    row number

    Assume an entity is assigned to a table. So there is a row number associated to each entity from the table. Using a process for the entity, how I can get reference to the row number of that entity in a table. I will create a new entity later and I want to assign the same row number to the new entity. I know I can do the later one with "setRow" step. But I do not know how to find the row number on the fist place.
  10. Having a worker ID, how I can check the "resourceState" of that worker? Assume, somewhere in the model, I need to see the "resourceState" of a worker with ID "50". I have a decide step in a process and I want to make a decision based on the resourceState of the worker with ID 50.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I have a supper big model and sending it to people will confuse them. Let me explain the issue in more detail. The worker is suppose to pick up the patient form the waiting area, take it to the exam room, do the test, then clean the room and do the final paper work. The simio default is that if the worker is busy with something and it goes offshift, it will finish that specific job and then it goes off shift. For example if the worker is going offshift when it is transporting the patient to the exam room; it will become "offshiftTransporting" and then it will go "off shift" and leaves the patient. I want the worker to finish everything about that patient (exam, cleaning, paper work), before leaving. Since I am keeping track of how much workers are working in offshift time, I do not want to change the worker capacity when it goes off shift. For example if the worker is offshift and I am forcing it to stay, I want it to have the "offshiftbusy" state no the "busy" state. If I change the capacity it will become "on shift" and it is not what I want to model. I want it to finish everything while the model knows that the worker is working in the offshift mode. I thought if I use "wait", I could do that, but it is not working. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks
  12. I have used this process in the "offshift" process in the worker. It does not work and I am not sure why.
  13. So I do not need the "fire" step in my process. I will just "decide" whether the worker is in office when going off shift, if the answer is yes I will do nothing, if the answer is no, I will use a "wait" step until the worker.currentNode.is.office. Does this sounds correct to you? Thanks
  14. Thanks; Yes, I am trying to use a process in the offshift add on process. I need to "delay" it until the worker get back to the office. But my issue is that the delay process is based on time, not event. Not sure what to use now.
  15. Hi I will appreciate it if someone can help me finding "OnCapacityChanges" process of a worker. I am having trouble finding that process in Simio.
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