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  1. I am trying to use XML to edit my model instead of having to drag and drop 200+ resources. I save my model as a .XML and then open it up and try and edit something ... anything... even just the name of a minor/un-used state variable. After I save any changes to the XML file I try and open it back up in Simio and receive the following error "Failed to open.... Reason: Unable to verify XML contents" Anyone have thoughts on this issue. or a better easy way to create a large number of resources with out dragging and dropping them. -Andrew
  2. I would like to queue up jobs until it is their turn to be processed. I have a schedule that has the sequence of machines a job has to visit as well as what # job it is on that particular machine. I would like the workstation to only select a job out of queue that is is the next job to be processed on that machine. something like Modelentity.OrderOnCurrentWS=Workstation.inputbuffer.numberentered + 1 I have started looking into a user extension in C# but haven't figure out how to get the station to do Nothing if there is no candidate matching the criteria. Thoughts on how to go about this? -Andrew
  3. Is simulation123 still open to new members. I try and access the website but am greeted with a request for username and password.
  4. I am trying to keep track of a custom statistic. Specifically Tardy time. My jobs are created based off a Job Table and follow routing from a sequence table. I have created a state variable called tardy time for ModelEntity which is suppose to be changed upon arriving at the sink based on... ModelEntity.TardyTime = TimeNow -Jobs.DueDate I have also created an OutputStatistic for TardyTime as an element under ModelEntity. However nothing is being outputted in my results. I do have multiple parts so for example the Jobs Table includes Part A, Part B, etc. My thought is ModelEntity contains all the different types of parts and so ModelEntity.TardyTime should work?
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