Simio Wonderware MES Interaction

Detailed Production Scheduling with Real Time Data


Interaction with Wonderware MES

Simio provides Wonderware MES with Finite Capacity Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality. Simio’s patented approach to planning and scheduling is first to automate comparing a deterministic schedule from MRP with a variation adjusted schedule to let you effectively deal with breakdowns, unplanned events and material shortages. You can then re-schedule resources to acceptable levels of risk. Data is brought into memory for fast execution. While Simio takes full advantage of your existing data to quickly and automatically build you scheduling model, that base model can also be enhanced as needed to accurately capture complexity unique to your system.

An interface has been built to integrate data between Simio Production Scheduling and Wonderware MES to enable real-time event based scheduling. Utilizing Simio’s simulation-based scheduling capabilities, a model can be developed to depict the resource and material constraints within a manufacturing system. Then, interfacing Simio to the Wonderware MES enables the scheduling model to be run near real-time. This mean as events happen on the factory floor, the production schedule can be re-run quickly to re-route orders around possible bottlenecks.

The integration employs direct table binding from tables and views of the MES Table to get data into the model. Inventory, work orders, routings, bill-of-materials, order status and machine status are all captured through this inbound integration to pull the data for creating the production schedule.

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