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Make Better Decisions with Simio

Simio allows you to: See the Future, Document the Process, Answer What If, Avoid Potential Costly Mistakes and Improve Performance.

Why use Simio Simulation Software?

Simio Simulation Software enables organizations to make better decisions by letting them see the impact of proposed changes before they are implemented.  The goal of simulation is to mimic the behavior of a real system that behaves in a similar way. Simulation allows you to: See the Future, Document the Process, Answer What If, Avoid Potential Costly Mistakes and Improve Performance.

What is unique in Simio?

Simio models can be built by those with knowledge of the system being modeled as opposed to a separate team of simulation experts. Simio models are built using a new object-based modeling that for the first time makes models fast and easy to build. Simio seamlessly integrates the object and process modeling paradigms to combine the ease of use of pre-built objects with the flexibility of processes without programming to give you a more accurate portrayal of your system.

Some benefits of Simio, without custom programming, are:

  • Experience - Over 30 years experience in simulation
  • Leadership - product others are increasingly comparing it to as the standard
  • Used in Over 800 Universities - Leading US and international universities are teaching it that will ensure you talent with simulation experience in the product
  • High Velocity Progress with Agile Development - Aggressive development that results in frequent updates
  • Agent Based Modeling - Allows every object to be "intelligent" and interact with any other object
  • Ribbons - Modern Microsoft style Ribbons for easier use
  • Add On Processes - Easy graphical customization of objects - WITHOUT PROGRAMMING!
  • Portal - Distributing models in the cloud to run model experiments

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What Others Are Saying About Simio Simulation

"I like how fast Simio is when I run experiments because it uses all the [processing] cores on my computer. 'Boom' and it is done!"

Anna Palmerius, Project Engineer, SAPA Group - Sweden

"I don't know any other software company which can respond to a software change request in one day. What I like best about SIMIO is your company effort to help customers and solve their problems. I think that maintenance for SIMIO has the best value for the money."

Ing. Petr Tulach, Logio

"[it was] nearly impossible to make an informed decision without analyzing the various modeling scenarios provided by the [HDR] simulation [in Simio]. We now feel confident that our recommendations are well thought out and reflect our likely utilization of these operating suites."

Matthew A. Mormino, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Residency Director Nebraska Medical