Simio Simulation Software – The Simio GSA Advantage!®

Get the Simio GSA Advantage!®

Simio is now aligned with the U.S. General Service Administration, or GSA, so now you can get the Simio GSA Advantage!®

Simio's alignment with the GSA means that Government, Department of Defense and Military customers can now easily use Simio software for their simulation and scheduling requirements.

GSA Advantage is a Federal Government program that allows access to commercial products and services quickly and conveniently, at cost-effective prices. Pre-negotiated schedule contracts mean that State and Local Governments can save time and reduce overall costs on the supplies and services they need.

Partnering with the GSA makes Simio a preferred provider to the Government community. Our GSA Starmark Logo signifies our alignment to the program. It indicates our acceptance as an approved supplier by the federal procurement process and our commitment to providing the best possible services at fair prices.

Simio's Schedule contract number is: 47QTCA19D008W

As a highly qualified industry partner, we can help you with:

  • Faster acquisitions
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance, and
  • Lower prices that help you save money.

Use the GSA Advantage Portal to see how Simio can benefit your agency by submitting an online Request for Information (RFI) or a Request for Quote (RFQ) or, alternatively, contact us directly at Simio for assistance on how to benefit from the program.

As a GSA Scheduled contractor, Simio is listed on the online GSA eLibrary where latest contract award details can be found. All our latest information is there, including our published prices which can be used for budgeting and market research purposes, but please don't hesitate to contact us  for any further information you require.

GSA Advantage Q&A

What is GSA Advantage!® ?

GSA Advantage!® is a federal government program that allows easy and cost-effective access to commercial products.

Which companies are awarded the GSA Advantage!® ?

The products and services of commercial suppliers of all sizes are pre-screened to participate in the federal procurement process. Simio has satisfied the requirements of GSA Advantage!® which means that our products and services are compliant with basic federal regulations and policies and are offered at fair and reasonable prices.

What are the benefits of using GSA Advantage!® ?

The ordering procedure for purchasing is streamlined, allowing state and local governments to save time and reduce overall costs on the Simio products and services they need.

How do I know I'm getting the best deal?

In qualifying for GSA Advantage!®, Simio has proven that our products and services are compliant and provide the best value to federal customers.

Who can benefit?

Any state or local government purchasing Simio's services for official business is eligible to benefit from GSA Advantage!®.

State and local government is defined as follows:

  • States
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Townships
  • Tribal governments
  • Public authorities
  • School districts
  • Colleges
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Council of governments
  • Regional and interstate governments
  • Legislative or judicial departments
  • Any agency or instrumentality of any of the above entities.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Payment can only be effected by State or Local Government-issued credit cards.

What do I do if I think that Simio is a good fit for my needs?

Contact Simio today  and our helpful team will be able to discuss your requirements in detail and show you how to benefit from the GSA Advantage!®  program.

Contact Simio and get started with the GSA Advantage!®  today

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