Combination of Simulation and Scheduling Software

Perfect Pair

What makes Simio simulation and scheduling software unique?

The perfect pair of simulation and scheduling makes Simio the most advanced solution on the market. With simulation, it is the only software that is fully object oriented with process and objects being defined graphically with no programming.  Unlike other scheduling software, Simio allows you to analyze and remove risk from your production schedule with its patented Risk-based Planning and Scheduling. This dual function in Simio not only helps you improve your business performance from a facility design perspective, but also helps you maximize business results by optimizing the use of critical resources and assessing the risk associated with operational decisions.

Why do I need Risk-based Planning and Scheduling in my scheduling software?

The combination allows you to generate a schedule and plan that is executed in a perfect environment: machines do not break, process times are always constant, and materials arrive on time. After this, Simio’s patented risk analysis function replicates the same model with variation turned on and performs a probabilistic analysis to estimate the underlying risks associated with the schedule. The risk measures generated include the probability of meeting user-defined targets, as well as expected, pessimistic, and optimistic schedule performance. The addition allows you to mitigate risk, meet schedule, and reduce cost. Risk-based Planning and Scheduling extends traditional APS to fully account for the variation that is present in nearly any production system, and provides the necessary information to the scheduler to allow the upfront mitigation of risk and uncertainty.

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