Simio Personal Edition

Simio Personal Edition

Simio Personal Edition is a no cost version of Simio.

Simio Personal Edition is a no cost version of Simio. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model and is fully functional for models up to 5 models, 30 objects and 30 steps! It is perfect for you to explore and learn Simio's simulation and production scheduling capabilities. You can also use the Simio Personal Edition to open and run models that have been built by the Simio Team Edition or higher.

Major Features and Applications of Simio Personal Edition are:

  • Advanced 3D modeling/animation with built-in interface to the expansive Google Warehouse graphics library.
  • Rapid modeling of complex work-flows using the Standard Object Library.
  • Advanced material handling including accumulating/fixed conveyors and on-demand/fixed route vehicles.
  • Flexible resource modeling including move-able workers, dynamic selection rules, and flexible work schedules.
  • User-defined relational data tables for interfacing to enterprise data.
  • Support for 3rd party add-ins such as optimization (OptQuest).
  • Advanced experimentation, analysis, and reporting features for defining scenarios and interpreting results.
  • Serve as Interactive Runtime software for models created in Enterprise or Team Edition.
  • View custom dashboard results created by others.
  • Graphically create processes for unlimited modeling of complex modeling situations.
  • Combine objects and processes within a model to customize object behavior.

Download the Simio Simulation Software Evaluation Edition Free