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Extended Flow Library

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The Extended Flow Library discussed in this thread is now obsolete. Most of its objects are now integrated into the Simio Flow Library or included in the new Candidate Library: http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1740

The built-in Flow library includes very powerful features and capability, but is currently limited in scope to just a few basic objects. While we are enhancing that built-in library based on your feedback, we have provided an extended set of flow-related objects.

This library includes objects such as Solidifier, Liquefier, Filler, Extractor and Stockpile. A Solidifier can be used to convert a specified quantity of flow into discrete entities. A Liquefier converts a discrete entity into an outbound flow. The Filler is similar to a Combiner that combines input flow of a specified volume with a discrete entity and the combined entity departs the Filler. The Extractor is the flow equivalent of the Separator. It will separate a batch member entity from the parent entity, with the flow transfer of the batch member entity then discrete transfer of the parent entity once flow is complete. The Stockpile object is similar to a Tank with different animation graphics.


As we receive customer feedback on both the Flow Library and the Extended Flow Library we will probably build more of this type of capability directly into the Flow Library. But in the interim, hopefully this extended library will help in your modeling.

Like all Simio-provided libraries, this library is open so you can look at how it was built, learn from it, and subclass your own objects to improve them. But unlike our built-in libraries, this is not fully supported (although we can provide some help) and we may not continue enhancing it, particularly if we decide to build this capability into the base Simio products. We are anxious to receive your feedback on this library.

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Hi Dave,

Hope you are well. The flow looks great and I'll try these new objects. Thanks for all the hard work.

Will you be introducing flow on conveyors in the future? It would typically be for an application where there is ore on a conveyor and model it continuously instead of discretely.



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