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Create your own symbols or modify Simio library symbols


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How do you customize symbols?


1) You can use the built-in Simio Library symbols and you can easily make minor changes to them (such as changing the shirt color on a person), but you are limited in the changes you can make.


2) You can use the built-in Download Symbol links to Google (Trimble) 3D Warehouse to import any of those symbols into your project.


Sometimes you want to do more customizing than this. But you can still do this with the following steps.


3) You can go directly to Google 3D Warehouse (http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/), select the symbols you like, and download the sketchup file to your local drive. Then you can use Sketchup to edit those symbols to meet your needs.


4) You can create your own symbol. It is pretty easy to learn enough Sketchup for simple editing. And with a little time, you can learn how to create fairly sophisticated symbols.


5) If you like the Simio Library symbols, you can start with the sketchup versions of the Simio Library, and again use Sketchup to edit them as needed. You can find these symbols at http://www.simio.com/downloads/public/SimioSketchupSymbols.zip Note that most of these are what is known as "low polygon count" (or simply "low-poly") symbols. Most of them originated from the 3D Warehouse, but have been simplified to make them smaller and faster to animate. If you want a better quality of image, see step 4.


For steps 3-5 above, you can go to the Project > Symbols panel in Simio and Import Symbol, and do any final customizations before use.


You can also save any of the symbols from above into your own library for use in other projects by going to the Project > Symbols panel in Simio then use the Save To Library feature.

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Is it possible to export a symbol from Simio to be edited in Sketchup?
No, if it is a Simio symbol, see item 5 in the above post.

If you are talking about your own symbol, then you need to go back to the source to get it. If it is in someone else's model (their custom symbol) then you need to contact them - it may be public or proprietary.

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Dave recommends going back to the source, which is definitely going to be the easier option.

However, if you really want to get at the embedded models, open the Simio project file (my_awesome_model.spfx) like a zip using 7-zip or some other archive managing tool.

In the Simio Project file, there is a "\Data\Geometry\" folder. You will find all of the custom (user added) symbols here.

They are in S3D format. As I have never had to use these directly, I never felt a need to find what tool can open those.

As for the Simio ones, they are all ssfx files (another format I haven't had to play with yet). They can be found in the Simio folder in your documents. Something like: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simio\Symbols"

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Hi everybody!

About this topic, I wonder if anybody has a 3D model that could share of a vehicle used to perform the pickings on their supermarkets. Here we call it milkrun but I think you might know it as logistic train (not sure). Similar to these:



Thank you.

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I had a model containing those trains. Since train vehicle was not available then, I used my subclassed vehicle with as many stations as I wanted for wagoons.

This train had the disadvatage, that it did not animated turning on corners (it was a long vehicle) but for the purpose of simulation it was not necessary.

I would recommend to look for train here in forums and change the symbols for cars and locomotives.

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