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FileElement Property

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I remember in previous models being able to put a property on a model, in which I could reference a file from a higher level model.

Is this possible?

I am looking and can't see a file property.

I want to be able to write out to a file that is defined in a top level model.

Attached is a screenshot of the current element property selections. Also attached is a picture from an old model where I had successfully implemented the file element... but it looks weird now.

I then copied that element into a new model and it works. (Screenshots attached)

Was this functionality removed, or was I just a genius for one day in figuring out how to do that? :|

Model attached for reference.

EDIT: I attached the pictures in wrong order, so look at the pics starting from the bottom, and read the comments.






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I'd try creating the file element from within a write step in the lower level object using "Create New".

Once it is created, place your object on screen then enter your file name in the newly added property.

All the best,

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Thanks for the reminder Steve.

I sometimes forget the most basic things.

I still don't understand why the file element is missing from the menu though. Perhaps because it is a user add-on, in which case we need a user add-on element for properties.

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