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For the ranking rule of a workstation, I want the workstation to choose the entity on the basis of the changeover matrix. The entity should be chosen in way that it will have a least setup time changeover. Lets say entity2 and entity3 arrive at a same time in input buffer, and entity1 was the last processed entity. And setup time to change from entity1 to entity2 is 1 min and to change from entity1 to entity3 it takes 2 min setup time. In this case, Entity 2 should be chosen next. Need help!!

Santosh Joshi


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Since Workstation has built-in setup time, I would recommend using that. Instead of ranking the queue by setup time, it is probably better to do dynamic selection from the queue based on setup time.

You can do that by specifying Smallest Value First for the Dynamic Selection Rule and for the Value Expression use Workstation1.SetupActivity.ActualDurationFor(Candidate.Entity).

Here is that solution applied to our Simbit WorkstationWithSequenceDependentSetup:


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