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How does an entity decide which link to take?

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If an Entity has a choice of taking more than one path, how does it decide which path to take?

Outbound Link Rule logic is set in the properties of a Transfer Node

If the OutboundLinkRule is ‘ShortestPath’

--If the entity has a destination set then this rule will choose the shortest path to the entity’s set destination.

--If the entity does not have a destination set, then the ‘ShortestPath’ rule is not applicable and instead the ‘ByLinkWeight’ rule will be assumed.

If the OutboundLinkRule is ‘ByLinkWeight’

The Selection Weight of each outbound link will be evaluated and the probability of an outbound link being selected is then based on its proportional selection weight.

For example, if there are two links, and the first has a selection weight of .75 and the second a selection weight of 1.5, then the first link has a (.75/(.75+1.5))= 33.33% chance of being selected, and the second link a (1.5/(.75+1.5))= 66.66% chance.

If the Outbound Link Preference is ‘Available’

If the preference is ‘Available’, then the entity will prefer choosing a link that can immediately be entered. For example, if the rule is ‘Shortest Path’, then the entity will prefer to choose the shortest path available. If no paths are immediately available, then simply the shortest path will be chosen.

If the Outbound Link Preference is ‘Any’

If the preference is ‘Any’, the entity will simply choose the outbound link according to the outbound link rule, even if it means waiting at its current location until the link is available.

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