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Does your curriculum feature old, tired simulation software? Sure, its easy and convenient to teach the same thing year after year, but is that really the best for your students? In software terms, 20 years old is, well you know...

-- Hinders your efforts to expose students to the latest in success tools and techniques.

-- Damages your institution's reputation for being state-of-the-art.

Solution -- Adopt state-of-the-art Simio that is guaranteed to breath new life into your simulation curriculum!

We think you will find our academic program to be quite attractive. We make top quality, state-of-the-art software available to professors, students, and researchers at little or no cost. We have two academic products:

Academic Version

We provide full-capability software to academic institutions at no charge. We will provide as many licenses as you need for installation on any computers owned by an institution whose primary business is teaching. This software may be used in student labs as well as by professors and researchers. The activations supplied are generally for two years. It is expected that the licenses will be renewed on an annual basis, still at no charge. This software has no model size limits and is functionally equivalent to Simio Design Edition including discrete and continuous modeling, object library development, and 3D animation.

Student Version

We also provide full capability software for undergraduate and graduate student use on their own computers. We will supply the institution with a link that that can be passed on to students where they can obtain their own software and activations for a nominal fee. The activations supplied to students are for a full year. This software has no functional limits and is equivalent to Simio Design Edition.

Academic License Limitations

The above software may not be used for commercial work. This program makes top quality, state-of-the-art software available for academic use at little or no cost. It is only fair that companies who realize financial benefit from simulation should pay market value for any software and services required. Academic software may not be used to directly benefit a commercial entity.

If any type of simulation results are shared privately outside the academic institution, then the application is considered to be commercial and a commercial software license must be used.

Definition of Academic

Organizations: Many commercial organizations such as service companies and hospitals also have an academic component that offers training or teaching. An organization will be considered to be commercial unless formal education is the primary service delivered or prior written authorization from Simio LLC is provided.

People: Only currently enrolled students and currently employed professors/teachers are authorized to use academic software.

Projects: We understand that student projects often involve commercial systems. Simulation results consist of the models, animations, reports, summarized results, and other similar artifacts of a simulation project. How results are used seems a reasonable way to differentiate commercial applications.

•If any results are shared privately with the commercial organization, then the project will generally considered to be of commercial benefit and is an invalid use of academic software. In this case a commercial version of Simio must be used.

•If all results pertaining to a project are either not shared or are made publicly available (such as a published thesis or undergraduate student projects published on a publicly accessible web site) then it is typically considered to be a valid use of academic software.

•For borderline or questionable projects contact Simio for a predetermination or a possible exception to this policy.

Get Started Now

Review the Academic Quick Start Page for full information and a link to get the software today (request must be made by faculty member).

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