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What is Simio Runtime


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Description of Runtime Capability

Runtime is the ability for people to execute a Simio model without investing in that design-time version of Simio. Simio imposes no limits to the number of models you can distribute or the number of people you distribute to. And you are free to distribute outside of your organization if you choose. There is no charge for any such distribution.

Two runtime modes are available:

Interactive Runtime

Uses Simio Evaluation Version which is available free to anyone and may be used without activation. It provides the ability to load a model, run it interactively to view the animation, and even change the model at will. Model changes cannot be saved nor is the capability provided to run experiments or execute custom user-written steps and elements. Only Simio Team Edition is capable of creating models that will run in Interactive Runtime.

Full Runtime

Uses Simio Express Edition. In addition to the substantial modeling features built into Express, it provides the ability to load and run models, save model changes, run experiments, and execute custom user-written steps and elements. Design and Team Editions can create models for use with Full Runtime.

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