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New Software Release

Our latest release, Simio 11, is here!


A Few Ways to Build Simio Models

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You can use Simio at several levels. Here are a few:

• You can build simple models entirely within a Process (limited or no use of library objects).

• You can use the Standard Library. This was designed to make it easy to do the more common applications, but is not intended to do everything. This library will be enhanced and supplemented with other libraries in the future.

• You can enhance the Standard Library Objects via add-on processes. This functionality is still under development, but processes will be easy to define to supplement the OnEntry and OnExit behavior. For example, you may want to collect and report custom statistics or have custom exit logic.

• You can enhance/replace the Standard Library Objects by inheriting from them and modifying any of the predefined behavior. For example the Server currently only allows a single failure stream. You could create a new MyServer object that reproduces the included logic to support three failure streams.

• You can create entirely new objects by inheriting from base class objects (like Fixed Object, Link, Node, and Intelligent Object). With this approach you can graphically define any combination of properties and behavior that you want using Steps and Elements inside Processes.

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