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Concatenating Reference States and Strings

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I think the title is pretty straight forward, but is there any way to utilize a reference state to then concatenate onto a string?  I have a large number of states I'm tracking and they're all a function of the EntityType itself.  So for the sake of efficiency I was hoping I could somehow take advantage of the reference but so for no dice considering they're 2 completely different states.  Any tips/tricks I'm just not thinking of?

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Unfortunately you are not able to concatenate those pieces together to get a State Variable reference that will work. You can really only piece things together, or search through and find part of something within a name, with a String. Strings are not able to be understood as a State Variable reference, nor converted to something that could be understood. 

Instead, I might suggest an approach with a Data Table. Although this adds a tedious step of putting everything in to a Data Table, it then becomes really easy to Search the Data Table for the State Variable you are looking for. 

I attached an example model for you to investigate. In this model, you need the Data Table with a String Column so that the Search step can look through this collection of Strings and find the String that Contains certain substrings. See the Search's Match Condition property and the String Contains function. 

Also, the Data Table could contain a State Property column which then references the State Variables you created in the Definitions tab. Or, you could use the State Columns and Assign the values right to the column. 

Happy Modeling!



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