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Different Processing times in Simio given results /state statistic/ state observation log

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I have a production line with 2 sources. The arrival of entity A in source 1 triggers an arrival of entity B in source 2. 

Entity A and entity B then enter their respective servers for a processing time. Entity A is processed at table_openings between 10 and 15 minutes with probabilities whereas Entity B is processed at table_MF for 10 minutes. The process type is task sequence.


Both Entity join at a combiner. Entity A is the parent and Entity B is the member. Afterwards, the combined entity continue along the production line. 

I have expected processing times for each task at each server. Before starting a task, a process starts where a state statistic registers the state processing time of the entity. I also put  list state to verify the schedule utilization. I have verified visually and the state value for processing time is correct for every station while the simulation is running.

What I have observed is that the state statistic average processing time for the servers before the combiner is the expected value, however, all the other stations are 10 minutes off. The simio output has the right processing times for all the stations after the combiner but not for the two stations before the combiner. Moreover, the list state average time busy value are ok for all the stations after the combiner but again the station before the combiner, it gives the total number of minutes it was busy. 

Also, if i do the average of the state log observation for each station in excel afterwards, I get all the correct processing times.

I am guessing it has something to do with the combiner, but I am lost.




How can the processing time for table_MF be 10,48 when the processing time is a fixed 10 minutes in the facility window?


Why is the list State MF and OP different from all the other list states?


Thank you for your help!


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