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Delivery of full Transport load

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I have 2 transports delivering entities to 3 servers. What should be happening is that Transport 1 loads entities to capacity (12) then moves to Server 1 and delivers all of the entities (12). Transport 2 should load 12 entities and deliver all 12 to Server 2. Transport 1 returns to Home Node and loads 12 more entities for delivery to Server 3... and so on.

However, what is happening is that both Transports are loading 12 entities then moving to Server 1 and delivering 4 entities each, then on to Server 2 and repeat and so on. I have removed and added servers to confirm that for some reason the Transports are delivering 1/#ofServers of their total capacity, conducting all of their deliveries and then returning to home once empty. I have limited the timepath to each Server to only allow 1 Transport at a time, but then Transport 2 just waits at the Home Node until Transport 1 is on its way to Server 2. Then it moves to Server 1 and just ends up one node behind Transport 1 at all times. 

The dispatch logic: (Server1.InputBuffer.Contents.NumberWaiting <= 12)||(Server2.InputBuffer.Contents.NumberWaiting <= 12)||(Server3.InputBuffer.Contents.NumberWaiting <= 12); set at Smallest Value for Selection Goal; Selects from a List of all Server Nodes.

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A quick solution to force all entities to get dropped at the same place is to add an add-on-process when an entity is loaded. which Checks if the entity is the first item in the vehicle and if not set its destination node to the first item.



If False -> SetNode:



a more elegant solution would probably involve batching the entities into a bucket that would then get transported to the destination.

Upload 11.1.21.spfx

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