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Forum Update - August 2021

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Our forum now includes Ranks and Badges! These are obtained by participating in certain activities on the forum. Points help you increase your Rank. You can receive points the following ways:

·         Commenting or replying on a post = 5 points

·         Posting new content = 5 points

·         Following an item  = 2 points

·         Gaining a follower = 2 points

·         Giving a Reaction = 1 point

·         Receiving a Reaction = 1 point

A Badge is an achievement unlocked by reaching milestones. For example, you can receive a badge for your 1st, 10th, or 500th comment or reply on a post! Discover other ways to collect badges by being an active member on our forum.

Please keep in mind that our forum is a space for Simio users to communicate and share ideas. While you will see Simio employees participating in some areas of the forum, there is no guarantee that your post will be addressed by the Simio team. Therefore, if you would like information on educational opportunities or our product offerings, please contact sales@simio.com. If you require technical product support, please contact support@simio.com.

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