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Multiple Entities that Have Multiple Sequences, but There are Servers that Certainty Entities Can't Go

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I’m trying to simulate an Attraction at an Amusement Park with multiple entities that each have different sequences. 

The entities, or guest, enter through one Source, have to travel one of the two queues, depending on their sequence, have to travel to Merge, and then to either of the two stations.  From there, they have to merge and go on the ride, get off the ride and either go up the Speedramp or the Elevator and then exit.

For an example: a Regular Guest has to go through the Standard Queue and go to Merge, but they can go to either the right station or the left station.  While another Guest with a wheelchair can go to either the Standard Queue or the Fast Queue, but they have to go the right station, they cannot go to the left station. 

I kind of managed this with processes and having multiple sequences, but now the Guest keep jumping back to the Entrance of the attraction and they never ride the ride and exit.  Can anyone help me with this?

Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction.spfx

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