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Learn Which Simio Product Matches Your Needs

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I am new to Simio, and I am still trying to figure out which Simio product will be most valuable in my case. I have some specific questions:

  1. I would like to confirm the following: If I build a simulation model in Simio Simulation Software, can I import it into Simio Scheduling Software and build on it? 
  2. When you say that Simio Scheduling Software allows performing risk analysis in real time, do you mean that:
    1.  You can actually connect the software to sensors where the software automatically performs the analysis based on real-time data? 
    2. OR you manually import data and you run the simulation model to update the results? 
  3. This question overlaps with my second question, but it will help me better understand. When you talk about the Simio Digital Twin, are you referring to the Simio Scheduling Software? Their functionalities look similar except for the clearly mentioned physical connectivity to real-time data in case of Simio Digital Twin which is not directly implied in case of the scheduling software. 

At this stage, Simio Simulation Software fulfills my current needs. However, I would like to leave the door open for building a digital twin after achieving my current objectives. 

I would greatly appreciate your input on this. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to join your community! 


Fatima Alsakka


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8 hours ago, Fatima Alsakka said:

Q1:     yes

Q2-1:  Not connected to sensors, but connect to external data sources(be it a MES database or any kind of data storage technology using a database)

Q2-2:  You can manually import data ,or you can bind the simio table to a external database and automatically refresh the data when do the simulation\

Q3:  Usually refer to Scheduling Software. Real-time data is data get from ERP/MES/TMS/WMS etc directly and it can be in real time(needs to develop some event-based triggers to pull data from Databases when needed. ) Simio Digital twin is more of a  ' Process Digital Twin'  , not the so-called Asset Digital Twin which directly communicates to IoT devices, but that can be an viable option which  needs to develop using Simio C# API and IoT communication protocol...




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