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The SkyBox icon on the View Ribbon opens a library of static and dynamic scenes that can be placed in the 3D animation. Dynamic scenery includes several options for clouds that move with the animation as the model runs. Typically, the Speed Factor should be set to 5 - 10 or greater to see movement. Static skybox options include many indoor and outdoor scenes. Indoor applications include adding building walls to surround your model. The 'None' option will remove any existing skybox. Users can create their own SkyBoxes as well. The “library” skyboxes are simply *.zip files with images inside them with the names front, back, left, right, top, bottom. They don’t need to have all of those names in them, Simio will use whatever ones it finds. They are located in the Skybox folder under \Public\PublicDocuments\Simio. Note when you first apply the SkyBox, you can only view it in 3D and you may need to use the Ctrl Scroll wheel to move the camera down to where you can see the horizon. 

There are over 20 SkyBoxes that are installed with Simio. A few more are attached below. Simply download and save these zip files in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simio\SkyBox folder.  The next time you open Simio you should see something like this under SkyBox options:


Here is an example of the MFGPlant SkyBox with a server in the foreground:


If you create your own skybox images that you feel might be useful to others, please share them here.

Hospital.zip MFGPlant.zip Warehouse.zip Airport.zip CleanMFGFacility.zip

NEW NOTE: We just decided to reduce the size of these and some existing skybox files and include them all in Sprint 215. So it is probably better that you just wait a bit unless your need is urgent. 

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