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Material Requirements in Task Table with Priority and Groups

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My model currently reads tasks from a table and I am trying to model material consumption.  For each task there are groups of materials: A, B, C, and priority values: 1, 2, 3. To complete a task, only one material type from each group A, B, and C must be consumed, and the order they are consumed in should be based of the priority. For example, if task one  had entries like the table below, if all materials were available, materials 1,4,6 would be consumed. If material 1 was no longer available materials 2,4,6 would be used, and if material 6 was not available the task could not be done.  The material requirement section in the processing task editor does not seem to support groupings and priority and was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to accomplish this.


Task MaterialName Group Priority Quantity
Task1 Material1 A 1 1
Task1 Material2 A 2 2
Task1 Material3 A 3 1
Task1 Material4 B 1 1
Task1 Material5 B 2 3
Task1 Material6 C 1 1
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Storing this information in a Data Table and using a Search step might be the best approach. The Search expression will probably need to look for a specific Group and also check that the MaterialName is in stock. If the Table is listed in priority order, you will need to just Search forward until the criteria is met. You will either need to execute the Search step a few times and have a variable for the Group letter, or just have three separate Search steps specifying the exact group. 


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