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Entity choosing transporter based on order of transporter entering server

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I am doing a project on buses picking up entities and dropping them off at an office. I have a list of 4 vehicles (each vehicle has different capacity), and they enter the system from a source object called garage. The task performed by these buses area as follow: Go to station > Pick up entities > Drop entities at office > Go to station > Repeat. I name the buses: Bus1, Bus2, Bus3, Bus4. These buses will not depart from the station until they have filled their capacities.

The problem I have is that when all 4 transporters are present in the station, the entities would always go to Bus 1 although other buses have waited in the station for a longer time. Let's say Bus1 has filled its capacity and departed to the office. The entities then started loading into Bus2. Before Bus2 is filled, Bus1 has already returned to the bus station. The entities then stopped loading into Bus2 and instead started loading to Bus1. At first, I tried putting "reservation method" as "reserve closest" with a "selection goal" of "preferred order", but it did not work. Then, I tried changing the "selection goal" as "smallest value" and "selection expression" as "Candidate.Vehicle.DirectDistanceTo.Object(Output@BusStation)". However, it still did not work.

Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance! Please let me know if any of my description is unclear or more information is needed.

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