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container entity location


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29 minutes ago, GFurtado said:


Be aware that this will return an error in the case the entity is not at a station.

Wait, actually this doesn't work.

Check the attached model:

  1. Create a new ContainerEntity with a string state named whatever you like;
  2. Assign NewContainerEntity.NewStringState = Filler.Name when entering the filler.
  3. Use this expression any time you need the name of the last station that entity visited.

Get Station Name.spfx

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Thanks Gustavo, actually what worked for me was ContainerEntity.Location.Parent.Name! Anyway thank you very much. 

I have another doubt which I think is far more complicated. I have two "streets" with a container entity moving moving along each of them. This streets have both fillers and emptiers, and I wish to write in excel every time a container entity goes from a filler to an emptier and how long that took. For example if my container on street 1 goes from filler_2 to emptier_6 I would like a row in excel with those 3 columns: starting filler, ending emptier and time between. 

I achieved this without problem for one of the streets (adding add on process triggers to all of the fillers and another for all of the emptiers). The thing is when I add this same processes to the emptiers/fillers of street 2, my excel goes crazy and obviously because of two reasons: the time I register to calculate time between is being updated in both streets every time a container goes out of an emptier, and exactly the same happens with the row that this 3 things have to be written in the excel.

I don't know hoy I can manage to construct the variables time and row_count without them getting confused and hence my excel becoming useless.

Thanks, again!!!

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On 2/19/2020 at 3:34 PM, GFurtado said:

I would suggest to expand this model I sent before by creating new states inside your ModelEntity.

  • Two states when the entity leaves a station (one updates the station name and one updates the time it left).
  • A state when the entity enters a station.
  • Maybe another states registering how many rows in your sheet were written.

The columns of your sheet would be ModelEnity.FromStation, ModelEntity.ToStation and (ModelEntity.TimeLeftStation - TimeNow).

Let me know if you need help building this model.

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